11/18/13, No. 83

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violent_crawley Cash for coverage? No questions arise about local political blogger Lemule Blogiver.

In Florida’s power circles, politicos ignore dealing with poorly-connected blogger Lemule Blogiver.



Their treatment of him represents the exact opposite of how they approach political blogger Peter Schorsch.  Schorsch on Saturday came under scathing attack in a front-page Tampa Bay Times article: Cash for coverage? Questions arise about local political blogger Peter Schorsch.

Schorsch immediately posted a spirited rebuttal on his site, Saint Peters Blog: My response to today’s hatchet job in the Tampa Bay Times.



Since the Jaxonpool News started asking questions yesterday, the response from local political officials about Lemule Blogiver engaging in similar activity has been unanimous.

“Could you please repeat the name?” said Clay Yarborough, district 1 councilman.

“Lemule who?” asked Lori Boyer, councilwoman for district 5.

“How do you spell that?” inquired Mayor Alvin Brown.

Blogiver’s platform is Jaxonpool.com. In it he often criticizes the Times-Union.  However, no matter how withering the assault, only one person at the T-U has heard of him.


Lemule Blogiver

“He lives down the street, in his mother’s attic,” said T-U columnist Mark Woods.  “His website’s like fantasy football, but worse.  At least with fantasy football, people interact with other people.  Blogiver plays at being a publisher, but nobody reads his blog.  I don’t think even his mother does.”

In an interview, Blogiver vehemently denied ever having had a “quid pro quo” relationship with a political advertising client.  However, he did acknowledge he would be happy to start one.


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