3/9/23, No. 106

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DeSantis’ “Stop The Sadness” act: Accusing Florida’s university and college instructors of causing their students to feel sad, Gov. Ron Desantis urged the Florida legislature to get behind legislation titled “Stop The Sadness.”

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday, the governor said, “These ‘woke’ professors make their students feel sad about the bad things that’ve happened. We’re going to put a stop to that! There’s a new sheriff in town!”

The governor went on to say that people don’t come to Florida to feel sad. “People come for the beaches, the sunshine, and the low taxes. They sure as hell don’t come here to be depressed. And their kids shouldn’t be made to feel bad in the classroom.”

The bill, which has been introduced in the house along with a companion bill in the senate, would empower a student to sue both an instructor and the college or university for up to $10,000 each time a sad subject was introduced in the classroom. A cap of $1 million was placed on the award a student could receive for the total number of times he or she was made to feel sad. Professors in medical schools were exempted from being sued.

“These kids don’t want to hear about slavery or eugenics or The Trail of Tears or Matthew Shepard or compulsory sterilizations. They don’t want to hear about police officers using excessive force or discriminatory lending practices or glass ceilings or any of that depressing ‘woke’ stuff. They just want to have fun,” said the governor, “and that’s the way it should be. Let ‘em hit the beach and leave all those troubles behind, the way normal people do.”



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