@Jaxonpool • 7/9/18, No. 101


LB_red%22Dear%22St. Johns Algae-Bloomkeeper: People are getting their ‘knickers in a twist,’ so to speak, about the St. Johns River.

Don’t they see that the river is beautiful as it is? Far from being an algae-bloom denier, I believe that algae blooms exist and that they are a form of artistic expression. Not only ought they to be celebrated, but they also should be defended as a matter of free speech. Perhaps the ACLU should get involved.

algae_pop1Most importantly, they manifest Jacksonville’s unique character as a city. Rather than trying to get rid of them, we should advertise them. VISIT JACKSONVILLE should feature them on its promotional site. Viewed in the right light, they are beautiful and unique, and they distinguish our city from every other city in the nation. The autumn colors of the trees in New England draw hundreds of thousands every year. Why not the same for us? “Come to Jacksonville in the summer and see the algae when it is in bloom!”

It’s a matter of packaging. We just have to liken algae blooms to other monumental environmental artworks such as Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in Utah or Christo’s 24-mile-long Running Fence in Sonoma and Marin counties in California. . . .

That’s why we need a St. Johns Algae-Bloomkeeper, to make certain this project has staying power. Someone should be in charge of promoting our city’s most unique asset. Algae blooms! Just like the trees turning. Except here, it’s the water . . . .

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