7/8/12, No. 46 

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Before I get to my topic, let me say that the last was the BEST book of the entire series.

It’s worth reading the first two just to read this precious pearl of literary genius.

I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

Loved the ending, wouldn’t change a thing!

I’m hoping E. L. James decides to rewrite the series in Christain’s prespective because I don’t feel I got enough.

Loved it!!


Book cover of *Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy*


How did I discover this series?

One day it occurred to me that that I didn’t know how many shades of M&Ms there are in the world.

If the Periodic Table lists between 114 and 118 elements, how many shades of M&Ms must there be?

Ms. Green M&M, seductively patting the empty place beside her on a love seat

I began to search for the answer using Google.

I roughly estimated there must be fifty.

So I Google searched “Fifty shades” but kept coming up with hits to this recently published series.

And even more often, I was getting hits for tributes to it on You Tube.


↑Go to SNL website to view content; the above link is closed↑

Alternative link (access the above video here)

Alternative link

Alternative link

Alternative link

But, getting back to my original question, after all this searching on You Tube, I discovered that the answer to how many shades of M&Ms exist in the world cannot be found on the Internet.

The answer is: no one really knows. Only much prayer and fasting will reveal the answer.

Almost daily, the answer fluctuates.

I will have to go to New York City to find an answer, to M&M World.

M&M World, New York City

Once inside, I will have to count however many shades are available that particular day.

Glass silos of M&Ms, each filled with a different shade

It is a worthy quest.

Perhaps while there, I will meet the man of my dreams.


Me trying on an M&M costume

Though he most likely will be reluctant, I will win his heart and introduce him to a set of unusual practices.

Involving M&Ms.


How I love M&Ms!.


Eliza Haywood

Mr. Right



One thought on “50 Shades of M&Ms

  1. I suspect the author of the series is really three 19-year-olds who spent their English classes giggling, chewing their lips, and texting each other. I didn’t finish book one, but I did spend time reading the reviews on my Kindle. Hilarious!


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