8/12/12, No. 56

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LB_red%22Dear%22Binge blogging: Last weekend (Dec. 1-2), a bunch of over-educated elitist bureaucrats met in an undisclosed location and took secret votes determining which of us will be considered insane. No, I’m not paranoid. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) was deciding on changes to the DSM-5. That is, the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, due out in 2013. At the moment they’re only talking about adding minor stuff like male binge eating. Why that? When they are unhappy, women supposedly are prone to anorexia and bulimia, while men resort to binge eating. But that’s preposterous! Men don’t binge eat. Why? Because they’re not unhappy. Only women are unhappy. Males just eat. As nature intended them to.

This male binge eating thing is just a pretext, the camel’s nose in the tent. The APA has a long-term agenda. They want to open the door to tyranny by eventually creating a diagnosis of “binge blogging.” That will appear in the DSM-6, to be released in 2018. That diagnosis will become a pretext for rounding up patriots who blog. “Crazy Panels” run by liberals will send us to mental institutions. We’ll all be labeled lunatics and “Internet Trolls.” And the first one they’re gonna come for is me. Because I dare speak truth to the liberal media. Just stick around and read. You’re going to get a lot of truth.


Camel Rider and soft drink

But before I speak truth to the liberal media, it’s time for a snack. Just a little something. There’s one thing at least I can thank them Muslim terrorists for, and that’s the “Camel Rider.” It’s delicious! According to the New York Times, the terrorists introduced it right here in Jacksonville: A Taste of Jacksonville, Tucked Into a Pita

Yum, yum, yum!

I just ate five. Maybe one more. It’s like I have one, and I can’t stop.

Can’t stop.

Can’t stop.


So good!! Now I’m full. Ten’ll do it.


DSM-4-TR now being revised.

So, now, back to speaking truth to the liberal media. What’s the truth? Hmm. Forgot. Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me! Oh, yeah. It’s that the liberal media has joined with the APA and Muslim terrorists to destroy our freedoms..

In its press release, the APA identifies the changes to the current DSM-4-TR that will appear in the upcoming DSM-5. These changes are just stalking horses. Or camels’ noses. Changes like: grief experienced after the loss of a loved will be distinguished from clinical depression. Asperger syndrome now will appear on the autism spectrum. Hypersexual disorder (sexual addiction) will not be included. Internet gambling is going in. And so is male binge eating, a pathology I am highly skeptical about Binge Eating Among Men Steps Out of the Shadows And Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) will mean a child will have to have at least three tantrums a week for a one-year period to be diagnosed as such. Hoarding disorder and excoriation (skin-picking) will also now be legitimate disorders you can be diagnosed with. What Effect Will Changes To The DSM-5 Have On People With (And Without) Mental Health Issues? .


Arabian camel *1

I consider all of these changes a direct threat to me. As I always do. By threats, I mean changes. Changes are always a threat. Didn’t you know that threat and change are synonymous? They’re the same things: changes and threats to the status quo. Which I like. The status quo, I mean. The status quo, by the way, is just fine. People always want to fix what’s not broken. To back up this point, I too can quote poetry, just like my snooty pants English professor brother-in-law, Prof. Harold Hill. There’s this British Romantic poet, Pope Alexander, and he wrote, “Whatever IS, is RIGHT.” Let me reassure you though, in case you are put off by the presence of an erudite quote, that what I write here is not great literature. I am just a lonely voice in the wilderness speaking up for what is reasonable and right and true. Which is to say, in Pope Alexander’s words, speaking up for “Whatever IS.”

While I’m at it, I also give voice to what it’s like at this time in history—I mean just after the 2012 presidential election—for a white male to go through menopause.



But is male menopause going to be in the new DSM? NO! But you can bet Internet addiction eventually will be. In the DSM-6, I mean. But not the DSM-5. If it went into the DSM-5, meaning next year, they’d know people would be on to them.



According to the APA’s press release, “Internet addiction was considered for this category, but work group members decided there was insufficient research data to do so, so they recommended it be included in the manual’s appendix instead, with a goal of encouraging additional study.” Do you see the insidious forces at work? Do you see they’re sly and are laying a foundation? They want to expand the term addiction. They want to apply it to all sorts of behavior. The category will include “life-harming, compulsive” involvements. Like blogging.

The APA soon will create classifications for “patients” who suffer withdrawal symptoms when they are deprived of Internet access. But that’s the point. When I’m cut off from the Internet, I’m deprived of who I am. .



All this innocuous talk about mental health is just the thin edge of the wedge. The camel’s nose. “When the camel’s nose enters the tent, can the rest of the camel be far behind?” Listen to one of them: “There is substantive research that supports the position that [many activities conducted on the Internet] are very similar in the way they affect the brain and neurological reward system . . . . Both are related to poor impulse control and the brain’s system of reward and aggression.” This is liberal maggot psycho-babble for legitimizing mass round-ups of the blogosphere.


Camel’s nose *5

To speak up, as Barry Goldwater did in ’64, or Donald Trump in ’12, will be labeled a symptom of an addiction. There will be calls for intervention, rescue, and recovery. Writing a blog? The montra will be, “Help a Loved One Overcome Addition.”



But I’m wise to them! And I say, ‘Hell no!’ They’re not going to shut me up!

The jack boot is going to come down from the mental health professionals. That’s why I am speaking up. For the good of America. Which is in decline. Because the moochers are now in control. How did they get from 47% to 50.7%? Massive voter fraud. Way beyond anything Mayor Daley did in Chicago in 1960 for Kennedy. It boggles my mind that a Kenyan-born Muslim terrorist could be re-elected president . . . .

But it happened. Here’s what’s coming. First, Obama’s America—2016. Then, the APA’s DSM-6—2018:

waffen ss police with mp 28 s and mag pouches

Bloggers rounded up and sent to mental institutions *7

My brother-in-law, Professor Snooty-pants at the University of Norflaland, read about the changes coming to the DSM-5. And it was like another light bulb turning on in his head. If male binge eating could be considered a personality disorder, why not binge blogging? See, he’s way out in front. Like me. We’re both already in 2018. The difference is, he agrees with these APA people. So one day he says, “Look, Lemule, these letters you’re writing to the T-U editor, have you considered that they might be a sign of a deeper problem? Perhaps there’s help.” That’s what he thought he said to me. But I heard something different. I heard his real message. What did I hear? This is what I heard: “I am opposed to freedom. Your freedom. And I have come to take away your liberty.”


Not talking to my brother-in-law anymore *8

I’ve decided that I’m not going to speak to him anymore. But then again, maybe I should talk to him. Maybe it’s my brother-in-law who shouldn’t be allowed to speak. Anymore. Time to speak truth to a liberal. And make sure the liberal never speaks back. That can be arranged, you know.

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But first, I need another snack. A little something. Like another Camel Rider. Multiple Camel Riders.


Just ate another ten of these in a row. Wow! So good! So satisfying.

Just can’t stop eating them.

Just can’t stop.

Can’t stop.

Can’t stop.

Can’t stop.

Please, how do I stop?

. . .

Think I’m gonna throw up. Damn Muslim terrorists!

Lemule Blogiver


John Lithgow

Don’t touch my Camel Riders!.



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