8/20/12, No. 52

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violent_crawleyJacksonville News with Violent Crawley:  Last week the City Council decided to back up the city’s former motto, “Bold New City of the South,” by opting to erect a striking piece of iconic statuary, something to turn heads and draw the world’s attention. In a 17-2 vote, it legislated funds for a towering spectacular finger to be situated in the center of the harbor, where it will greet the incoming Asian cargo ships carrying bumperless Toyotas.

The seventeen voted to call it The Statue of Intolerance..

finger copy

Artist’s rendering

In rejecting the Human Rights Ordinance (HRO) banning job-and-housing discrimination against members of the LGBT community, the seventeen council members voted for the Statue of Intolerance. The seventeen were Johnny Gaffney, John Crescimbeni, Stephen Joost, Greg Anderson, Lori Boyer, Jim Love, Bill Bishop, Richard Clark, Kimberly Daniels, Robin Lumb, Clay Yarborough, Don Redman, Matt Schellenberg, Ray Holt, Doyle Carter, Bill Gulliford, and Reggie Brown.  

Alvin Brown was nowhere to be seen.

These seventeen argued that the city is not experiencing enough brain drain of its talented young. Jacksonville needs even more of its bright young people to leave. And young people across the United States—even those who aren’t gay—get the message: don’t come here!

The only council members voting against the statue and for the HRO were Warren Jones and Denise Lee

Denise Lee


Warren Jones

Warren Jones & Denise Lee: for the HRO


The seventeen council members favoring the statue and opposing the ordinance worked out the wording that would go on the statue’s base. The inscription will read:


pic copy

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