12/6/11, No. 6

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DearT-UGunshine:  This piece recently appeared in the “Letters from Readers” section of your paper (Dec. 4, 2011), the one most read by Jacksonvillians here in northeast Florida.

PHYSICIAN PAY: Dragged down by government

. . . Doctors must push patients through their offices because it’s the only way they can survive under government rules . . . . Add to this the office staff they need to . . . comply with government regulations. A veterinarian in many cases makes more than a doctor. . . . (Alan Pease)

Regulation explains why doctors in droves are becoming veterinarians. So let’s get big government out of the doctors offices by legalizing the following: practicing cryonics, prescribing Oxycodone to busloads of out-of-state addicts, and moving wealthy patients up the kidney transplant waiting lists.

A few bodies in the freezer, or a busload from Kentucky, or a millionaire needing a transplant, and, voilà! a doctor need not begin preparing just yet for that Veterinary Medicine exam.

Government intrusion is only going to get worse. Bureaucracies are slow, but when they finally get wind of the fact that 98,000 people a year in the U.S. die needlessly from medical mistakes, you can just imagine how much more ‘Big Brother’ is going to tread on individual liberties..

Let me close by disagreeing with Mr. Pease on just one point. I support one government regulation, and that is the new Florida law signed by Gov. “I-grew-up-in-a-housing-project-and-that’s-why-I-am-so-squirrelly” Scott. Gov. Scott signed a bill in early June, 2011, prohibiting pediatricians from discussing with parents whether firearms have been safely secured.

It’s fitting that the Florida legislature passed this law–everyone knows the state is shaped like a handgun.

The Gunshine State

No doctor with an anti-gun agenda should be allowed to infringe upon anyone’s second amendment rights. If a parent wants to leave his or her gun out so that little Johnny finds it and accidentally blows his head off, well, that’s the parent’s second-ammendment right!

Lemule Blogiver

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