FRIDAY, 12/2/11, Issue 4

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DearT-UFetus charged with murder:  I am so glad I voted for Angela Hardcorey when she ran for Deleónsylvania State Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit. Her predecessor, Harry Shorstein, would have turned a blind eye to this latest blot on Jaxonpudlians.

John/Jane Doe, the as-yet ungendered and unborn offender.

As you know, yesterday, December 1st, 2011, Hardcorey charged a fetus with first-degree murder. This is the youngest individual ever to be brought to account for such a serious crime, or any crime, not just in Jaxonpool, but anywhere on earth. Thank goodness! Finally someone is doing something about the terrible state of the world.

Here is how the crime unfolded. While dizygotic twins were residing in utereo, one of them allegedly kicked its twin to death, causing the miscarriage of the latter.

“Talk about a ‘bad seed!’” said Hardorey at a press conference. “We cannot allow the individual this fetus is going to become to kill again.” Hardcorey went on to say that “It will not be coddled,” using the gender-neutral pronoun “it” because the alleged offender’s sex is yet to be determined. (An ultrasound has not been performed.) The Deleónsylvanian Times-Union struggled to come up with a front-page headline, not knowing whether to label the misdeed a fratricide, soroicide, or siblicide.

AP photo of Angela Corey

Hardcorey at press conference in which she announced the indictment of John/Jane Doe.

Hardcorey announced that she and Sheriff John Rutherford will be waiting in the deliver room in a few weeks when the baby is delivered by C-section. After the delivery, the infant will be taken into custody and sent to an adult detention facility to await trial. She intends to press forward with the law’s full force, demanding the miscreant spend the rest of its life in prison.

I am so grateful to have a conservative, tough-as-nails prosecutor occupying the office of State Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit. No doubt if Hardcorey had been on hand when Cain slew Abel, the human history that flowed from that first murder would have been less miserable. However, as we know, Cain got away, very likely because Hardcorey was not there to see that the law was enforced. Still, we have a chance to create a better tomorrow by today nipping murder in the bud, literally.

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