3/29-31/14, No. 91

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LB_red%22Dear%22The Vince Foster Society:  Vince Foster—you thought he was dead, didn’t you.  Well, he is dead.  Just not politically.  In his memory we have formed the Vince Foster Society (VFS) as a 501(c)(4).  We are a tax exempt advocacy group promoting the social welfare by reminding people that Vince Foster was killed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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Akin to the John Birch Society, we remember another great American who died at the hands of socialists.  Vince Foster was a Deputy White House Counsel during the first few months of President Bill Clinton’s administration and also was a law partner and friend of Hillary Clinton.  Everyone knows Foster learned too much about the White Water scandal, so, six months after assuming the presidency, Bill and Hillary had him murdered and made the death look like a suicide.  Who was Vince Foster?


Vince Foster, 1945-1993./

Reminding the public about our hero Vince Foster is the group’s mission.  We have no other purpose, no ulterior motives.

Not that we aren’t just a little bit concerned about Hillary wanting to run for president in 2016.  After all, would you want a murderess in the White House?  But let me be clear: we have not intention to be political, as was alleged at a recent congressional hearing the Huffington Post reported on:  Darrell Issa Hearing Reveals IRS-Targeted Groups Prefer To Be Political


Hillary Clinton, murderess

Working for or against individual candidates is not our group’s work.  The 501(c)(4) law stipulates that it cannot be.  So, while Hillary’s nefarious character is our group’s main agenda item, we do not support or oppose her candidacy.  We are agnostic when it comes to whether Hillary should be president.  Do you hear that, Lois Lerner?  John Koskinen?  Are  you listening?  

House of Cards -- blood-splattered hand in V sign

At our inaugural meeting, we brought up other business to demonstrate how diverse are our interests.  For example, the VFS members officially adopted the Sociopath’s Manifesto as our guiding text.  In addition, we pledged to fight against incursions of European-style socialized medicine and to defend our thoroughly American sociopathologized health-care system.  On another occasion I wrote a letter to you about this:  Bitter Pillage

Now, as a 501(c)(4) tax exempt advocacy group, we just have to find a big donor willing to give us millions of dollars so we can promote our agenda.  The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision makes this possible.  We need somebody with deep pockets.  We won’t have to disclose the name.  The court decision says so.  Know of anyone?  We are willing to interview Sheldon Adelson.

Also at the meeting we considered getting behind two other ventures, one for a Ruby Ridge National Memorial, the other for the establishment of a David Koresh Scholarship Fund.  However, we tabled them for the time being, deciding to focus solely on informing the public that Hillary Clinton is the equivalent of Lady Macbeth.  As soon as Hillary declares her candidacy, our information campaign will go into high gear.  Not that we are taking a stand on whether she should be president.  That is not for us to decide.  The law forbids us from taking a position.  We are merely a social-welfare group working for the common good.

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