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From Dr. Tristan Voltaire, PhD:


Upon being ordered to issue marriage licenses to gays and lesbians, clerk Ronnie Fussell responded by quoting Shakespeare’s Hamlet, advising those who have not yet married to “get thee to a nunnery!” He continued,


  I say, we will have no more marriages:
   Those that are married already, all but one, shall
   Live; the rest shall keep as they are. To a
   Nunnery, go.”

He was quoting Act 3, scene 1, 146-149. And we respond to Fussell with Ophelia’s words at line 150: “O, what a noble mind is here overthrown!”

Read more in USA TODAY: Clerk axes nuptials so he won’t have to marry gays


MORE BANNED BOOKS: Whores, Talking Pigs & Euthanasia, from Wisecrack / Thug Notes. Dec. 30.↓

Banned books – Alternative link

Visit ⇒ Ergo Body Pilates & PT (San Marco)

Jacksonville Courts Clerk Stops Doing All Weddings because Gays Can Marry on January 6, from George Farrar, Jan. 4 ↓

Gay marriages stopped – Alternative link

First ride of 2015, San Jose to Mandarin Park, from Eddie Rio, Jan. 3.↓

Bike ride – Alternative link

Jacksonville History — How Sweet It Is! — The Old Seminole Club — A Downtown Success Story, from The Jax Left, Jan 4.↓

Rocky Top – Alternative link


pic copy

Audition!  The UNF Department of English, in conjunction with the City of Atlantic Beach, seeks a multicultural cast of 25 males and females ages 16-60 for a performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Some singing roles. A two-minute prepared monologue, modern or classical is required. Readings from the script. Vocalists should prepare to sing a cappella. The production will run for two weeks in April with performances on the UNF Green, at Johansen Park in Atlantic Beach, and at a Downtown location. Auditions will be held at the UNF Student Union Jan. 15, 16, and 17. For more info, go to FACEBOOK and search for “Shakespeare-in-the-Park Auditions: Twelfth Night”:  FaceBook

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pic4 copyAugust’s List, by Farinelli. Not so easy listening. The Best of 2014, volumes 1-4, now posted. Genres: alt-country, alternative, Americana, cosmic, dance-pop, electropunk, experimental, folk, indie, lo-fi, neo-psychedelic, noise, post punk, shoegaze, synthpop, trip hop, etc. Watch & listen


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