1/25/14, No. 88

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LB_red%22Dear%22I don’t have many ideas, but when I do have one, I must stop everything, write it down, and send it to you.  In this I represent thousands in Jacksonville, thousands of similarly like-minded souls who have just one idea in their heads and who write it own and send it to the Florida Times-Union, which then dutifully prints their letters.  Thank you for the great service your provide the community!

My one-thought letter has to do with the new gender-based education initiative being introduced right here in Duval County.  DCPS is franchising two new charter schools, the Valor Academy and the Virtue Academy.  You can find out more about them here: read / listen.


Boy, is this one innovation whose time has come!  What interests me about this initiative is not that it will help close the achievement gap or that boys and girls will be separated.  No, what’s of most interest to me are the names of the schools.  You see, Valor Academy will be a school for males, and Virtue Academy will be a school for females.  This is a real breakthrough because, as my dad used to say, “it’s telling it like it is.”


So let me do just that.  Let’s stop being politically correct and get to the point.  Men don’t need to learn virtue.  Women don’t need to be taught valor.  Valor needs to be fostered in males because they have to go into battle and kill the nation’s enemies.  Virtue needs to be nurtured in girls because they have to be taught to keep their legs together until their family decides whom they’re going to marry.  And if the students of Virtue Academy have difficulty with this, the school will instruct them in how to comport themselves so that nobody’ll notice they’re wearing a chastity belt.


Males don’t need to be taught virtue.  In fact, they shouldn’t be.  Men are supposed to populate the earth, with lots of begetting and begatting, by any means necessary.  That’s just the way things are—everybody knows ‘boys will be boys.’  That’s what men are designed for, peopling the earth.  Ask any one of them, especially about age of 16 or 17, and they’ll tell you!  There’s no question in their minds!  Virtue just gets in the way of that mission.  If the mission is making certain the world will be peopled, then we shouldn’t be teaching males about practicing virtue.

And women don’t need to learn valor.  Women may be able to go into combat, fire weapons, kill the enemy, and all that, but only they can help fulfill the mission assigned to boys by giving birth to the future people the boys impregnate them with.

Also, and THIS IS IMPORTANT: men must piss on the bodies of the enemy dead, once they’re dead.  Anatomically, women are just not configured to do this.  At least, they can’t do it and not look ridiculous.  Men can do it and not look ridiculous.  And that’s the real reason why men should be sent into combat and females shouldn’t.  Once the battle’s over, women can’t complete the mission.  They may be able to kill the enemy, but they can’t properly humiliate them by pissing on them.  There’s no reason then to teach them valor because they can’t piss on the dead and look dignified while doing it.

Like I said at the beginning, I don’t have many ideas, but when I do have one, I just have to send it to you.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.  There’s a lot of folks in this city who’re in the same boat.  If the T-U “Letters from Readers” page didn’t print my letters, or theirs, there’d be no one—absolutely nobody—to read us.  Not a soul would listen.  It’d be as though we didn’t exist!  So, it’s a fabulous service you’re providing. Thanks for doing it.  Keep up the good work!

Lemule Blogiver

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