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DearT-UPray for the deaths of disabled children:  Some people commenting about this blog have said I am too soft, too much a bleeding heart.  I want to re-assure my readers that you are not reading the words of someone caught in the grip of a misplaced desire to be politically correct.  This is a compassion-free zone.  I am no liberal maggot.  I offer only the truth.  Please allow me to illustrate.

On Friday, December 16th, Winter break begins for the Duval County Public Schools.  On that day the Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center will unleash its changelings.

It is time for some straight talk about what are euphemistically termed ‘disabled children.’  Let us begin with Michael Savage, who uses his nationally syndicated radio show to make astute comments on the subject.  Time and again Savage has proven himself to be a modern prophet in the mode of the Biblical Jeremiah.  Here he is, speaking about autism:

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Savage on autism points out the obvious, that it is “A fraud, a racket. …  In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out . . .  [Here is] what autism is.  What do you mean they scream and they’re silent?  They don’t have a father around to tell them, ‘Don’t act like a moron.  You’ll get nowhere in life.  Stop acting like a putz.  Straighten up.  Act like a man.  Don’t sit there crying and screaming, idiot.'”

Savage is someone willing to speak the truth, no pansy liberal.

I deeply respect Savage.  And yet, as tough and forthright as he may be, he still pussyfoots around.  Even HE is held in check by some misplaced desire to be ‘politically correct.’  The truth is, there is a lot more fraud out there than just the kids posing as autists.

Let me clear up a misunderstanding.  There are two types of so-called “disabled child.”  One is the complete faker, that is, the one set up by his or her parents to not speak or walk or breath without a device or eat without a tube, just so the family can get a lot of free stuff, like Medicaid, therapies, and social services.  These are the cases that are bankrupting our country.

And then there is the other kind of “disabled child,” the changeling, the one where a healthy child has been taken away and replaced by one supplied by the Devil.  Alternatively, sometimes these children are produced by means of “carnal copulation with devils, either as an incubus or succubus . . . .”  I read about this in Nathaniel Wanley’s The Wonders of the Little World, published in 1678.  These are the truly monstrous births, and no one today wants to speak the truth about them.  You have to go way back in history to find out about them, all the way back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, not only to Nathaniel Wanley (quoted above), but also to Martin Luther.  Wanley’s and Luther’s explanations for the existence of disabled children are about as good as any offered today.

Martin Luther, in Tischreden (published in 1566) and translated into English as Colloquia Mensalia, or Table Talk (1652), writes about “not right human creatures, but devils.”  Truly disabled children are “very horrible and fearful examples, in that Satan can plague and so torment people as to [make them] beget [monstrous] children.”

In many cases, what has happened with the birth of a disabled child is that the Devil has swapped one creature for another.

Says Luther: “At Dessau I did see and touch such a changed child which was twelve years of age; he had his eyes and all members like another child:  he did nothing but feed, and would eat as much as two . . . threshers were able to eat.  When one touched it, then it cried.  When anything evil happened in the house, then it laughed, and was joyful.  But when all went well, then it cried and was very sad.  I told the Prince [of that country], if I were prince, I would venture homicide thereon and would throw it into the River Moldau.  I admonished the people in that place devoutly to pray to God to take away the Devil; the same was done accordingly, and the second year after the changeling died.”

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Martin Luther — no pansy liberal.  No pussyfooting around.  No misplaced desire to be politically correct!

I suggest that everyone in Jacksonville follow Martin Luther’s prescription and pray!  That is, pray for the deaths of severely disabled children.  And if they won’t die through the agency of prayer, then we take them down to the St. Johns River and throw them in, and hold their heads under till they stop squirming.

This will reduce public expenditure, which in turn will reduce taxes and spur economic growth.  It’s kind of a form of human sacrifice — we sacrifice the disabled kids in order to get prosperity.  Except, with this human sacrifice, there’s nothing superstitious about it at all.  No, this type is totally utilitarian.

So there!  This piece, I believe, demonstrates that I am no bleeding heart, no pansy liberal.  I can talk even tougher than Michael Savage.  In today’s American political discourse, that makes me THE MAN!

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