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GOP Moves To Raise Voting Age To 48, from The Out and Abouter, March 25 ⇓

“In the wake of millions of young people massing in cities across America to demand a better solution to school shootings than arming class guinea pigs, the GOP has taken the message inherent in this upswell of public outrage to its logical conclusion….” Continue reading


Saturday, March 24, 12:50 pm, in front of the Duval Country Courthouse


August’s List: Seinabo Sey & Jacob Banks, Blossoms, I’m With Her, Night Flowers, Bleachers, Pomplamoose, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, The Vaccines, Aurora, O-SHiN, The Aces ⇓


August’s List • Fundraising thru ♬ for the DLC Nurse & Learn in Jax FL (DLC is a day facility for children with significant impairments) • Manchester Orchestra, Michael Kiwanuka, Catfish & the Bottlemen, Jacob Banks, Lydia Loveless, Hippo Campus, The 1975, Slowdive, Daughter, The War On Drugs, Laura Marling, etc., etc.Watch & listen

Letters from Lemule Blogiver

“Dear Times Union editor . . . read


The news with Violent Crawley

“The world is what it has become . . . read


Flock 19. Fiction, poetry, and creative fiction. here.

Eat Poems #15Jennifer Bundy’s Girls.
About the poet: Jennifer Bundy is a poet from Florida. She has an MFA in poetry from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and teaches creative writing at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. She has also taught at José María Infantes, a secondary arts school in Spain. Jennifer is the poetry editor for Bridge Eight Literary Magazine. The poems in Girls explore the feelings of shame, longing, love, and transformation that come with girlhood and growing into maturity. The speakers explore their different selves––noticing, doubting, questioning, and, in certain moments, embracing them. Sample here

Mudlark, edited by Dr. William Slaughter. This is an electronic journal of poetry and poetics. Dr. Slaughter is Professor Emeritus of UNF’s English department. Mudlark

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