@Jaxonpool  • Jax Area Legal Aid • The DuBarrys, The New Coast • Sunday, March 27, 2016, Issue 578 •

p copy 3Pharmaceutical Company Invents New Mental Disorder, from News Mutiny, March 25  ⇓

“Pfizer Corp. announced its introduction and cure of a widespread new mental disorder today. Characterized by periodic feelings ranging from uncertainty to anxiety relating specifically to the individual’s mental health, Transient Borderline Dysmorphic Personality Disorder, or TBDP, could affect some 70% of the population, according to the company’s findings…..” Continue reading

15 second P.S.A. for the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA), from Myelin Marketing, March 24  ⇓


Music from August’s List: The DuBarrys, The New Coast, Nothing But Thieves, PJ Harvey, KStewart, Steve Mason  ⇓


pic4 copyAugust’s List: Music videos uploaded within the previous two weeks. This site fundraises for the DLC Nurse & Learn in Murray Hill.  Watch & listen



pannedNew: “Why Richard Donner’s Superman Still Reigns Supreme.” (March 25). Panned Review, by Jacob Lusk. Film reviews by a Jacksonville movie-reviewing fiend and English teacher. Read

crip2“To Lobster Boy from Drunken Frankenstein” (March 20). Smart Ass Cripple, by Mike Ervin. Expressing pain through sarcasm since 2010. Voted the World’s Biggest Smart Ass by J.D. Power and Associates. Read

calvinsstoryNew: “For now he’s saved” (March 24). Calvin’s Story, by Christy Shake. Epilepsy & beyond: a mother’s journal. A mother’s journal of the anguish, grief, joy, and triumph shared with her chronically ill son. Christy and Calvin live in Maine. Read

MaggieWorld“Goodbye to Mickey” (March 21). Maggie World, by Sally Coghlan McDonald. Normalizing the abnormal.   Read


OnTheBlink“How the Silver Screen Tarnishes Disability” (March 20) On the Blink, by Emily Michael. Considering how my light is spent. Blog posts, music reviews, and published articles from a blind writer, musician, and Jacksonville English instructor. Read



Eat poems1 copyWhat Happens, by Tiffany Melanson, is currently available at Eat Words and on iTunes. It is part of a series of audio chapbooks focusing on northeast Florida poets. Read more about the series here. Your purchases through iTunes make future albums in the EAT series possible. This one was made possible in part by the support of the English Department of the University of North Florida. Contact: Mark Ari <mari@unf.edu>

p1 copy The Talon Review: Clawing at Craft (Fall, 2015). Stories and poems by Katie Cavanaugh, Alice Shinkos, Leonard Owens III,Jacquelyn Meisburg, Phillip Wenturine, Alonzo Byas, Richard Sell, Trevor Walsh, Gina Olson, Catherine Tatem, Stuart Dybek / Tyler Norris, Cassie Hottenstein, Sarah Boyko, Andres Fernandez-Morrell; The Talon Review


Mudlark, edited by Dr. William Slaughter. This is an electronic journal of poetry and poetics. Dr. Slaughter is Professor Emeritus of UNF’s English department. Read


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