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Introduction to Lemule Blogiver’s new book, Blogiver’s Travel

buckaroo copy

John Lithgow impersonating Lemule Blogiver

Let me start by stating that I didn’t write this book for stupid people. My writing has such a powerful effect on the weak-minded that they should avoid it. So, if you are such a person, please stop reading. Either you wouldn’t understand me, or my words will so rock your world it’ll be embarrassing for me and others to witness. So, just stop reading right now before you hurt yourself.

[pause while people start clicking off of this page]

Now, the rest of you, the smart ones, or the ones at least who think you’re intelligent: listen up: I am about to reveal truths too difficult for most men and women to hear. . . . continue reading


Best Music of 2015, Vol. 3, from August’s List, ‪Mic Lowry, Laura Marling, Aurora, The Libertines, Metric, Other Lives, Calexico, Lianne La Havas, Gavin James, Of Monsters and Men, Family of the Year ⇓ Also: . Vol. 1 . Vol. 2 .

Vol. 3, best of 2015 from August’s List — Alt link

pic4 copyAugust’s List: Music videos uploaded within the previous two weeks. This site fundraises for the DLC Nurse & Learn in Murray Hill.  Watch & listen



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