@Jaxonpool: The Brighter Side of Jax  • Trump Protest at Landing • Officer nearly runs over George Farrar • Jax By Jax – 11/14/15 • Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015, Issue 533 •

Hello Adele After All These Years, from Funny or Die, Oct. 23↓

Adele – Alt Link

Donald Trump Protest Outside Jacksonville Landing, from George Farrar, Oct. 24↓

Trump protest – Alt Link

Officer Knudsen nearly runs over George Farrar; disrupts peaceful assembly, from George Farrar, Oct. 24↓

Knudsen – Alt Link



pic4 copyAugust’s List: Music videos uploaded within the previous two weeks. This site fundraises for the DLC Nurse & Learn in Murray Hill.  Watch & listen




jp copyJax-by-Jax: Jacksonville Writers Writing about Jacksonville.

Jax by Jax 2015, Sat., Nov. 14
3 to 9:30 pm, Park & King Sts, Riverside,
$10 after-party and book-signing at Evervess Art Studio at Rosselle & King. More info: Jax by Jax 2015


pic2 copy“GUANABANA ARTISAN ICE POPS” (Oct. 13), by Becky Gibson. Somewhere in the City: People, places, and happenings in Jacksonville. This site’s goal is to help ignite the growth of a proactive community. Read

pannedThe Martian (Oct. 10). Panned Review, by Jacob Lusk. Film reviews by a Jacksonville movie-reviewing fiend and English teacher. Read

OnTheBlink“October Interviews: Elaine from Pennsylvania” (Oct. 13). On the Blink, by Emily Michael. Considering how my light is spent. Blog posts, music reviews, and published articles from a blind writer, musician, and Jacksonville English instructor. Read

crip2“After the Revolution” (Oct. 25). Smart Ass Cripple, by Mike Ervin. Expressing pain through sarcasm since 2010. Voted the World’s Biggest Smart Ass by J.D. Power and Associates. Read

calvinsstory“Back-to-back” (Oct. 24). Calvin’s Story, by Christy Shake. Epilepsy & beyond: a mother’s journal. A mother’s journal of the anguish, grief, joy, and triumph shared with her chronically ill son. Christy and Calvin live in Maine. Read

MaggieWorld “Party Day” (Oct.17). Maggie World, by Sally Coghlan McDonald. Normalizing the abnormal.   Read


p copyHomesick Redux: The 2nd Fiction Fix Novella Award goes to Homesick Redux by Daniel Coshnear. Read it here online for free for the first two months, or buy a copy now at Lulu for $6.95.

“Homesickness attacks the lungs first…” Daniel Coshnear takes difficult matters of the heart and weaves a beautiful nonlinear storyline through the life of Reggie, a young husband and father, whose mother is dying. To put one’s finger on home and what causes homesickness, the sadness that causes us to long for someplace that will make everything better. Come to find out home is love. And “love is a two-stroke engine” of perfect compression and combustion with a great deal of exhaust and fumes in the mix. A delight to read.” —Raleigh Rand, author of Brightleaf: A Novel

gargoyle copyEat & Gargoyle Magazine: A Jacksonville literary magazine published by Mark Ari: “I’m delighted to announce a new EAT Release in collaboration with Gargoyle Magazine. Gargoyle, based in Washington D.C. and edited by poet Richard Peabody, is one of the longest running and most respected independent journals in the country.” Read


Mudlark, edited by Dr. William Slaughter. This is an electronic journal of poetry and poetics. Dr. Slaughter is Professor Emeritus of UNF’s English department. Read


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