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Change does come, by Scott Dowman


Scott Dowman

In the Spring of 1979, a powerful downtown church began an initiative to clean the moral fabric of Jacksonville, starting with the few gay and drag bars that were downtown at the time.  With the full cooperation of the City and the Sherrif’s office, bars were visited nightly by officers and code enforcement of the buildings went into full effect.  For the remainder of that year, many closed or had to reorganize as private clubs to avoid being shut down.  Harassment was common and physical beatings occurred, including myself.  Even the department stores downtown were pressured to remove bathing suits and lingerie from their windows for fear of backlash and a boycott by this church’s members.

I attended the protest at MOCA last evening [Wednesday, 12/3] and was so heartened by the attendance and the huge variety of good folks present.  I was even more inspired to know that the move to censor a photo of a nude woman as pornography has been rebuked both socially and by our current administration.  The two City Council leaders who led this charge are currently members of this same church.  The lesson learned as Christians is that we can not legislate from our moral opinions for any city, anywhere, anymore.
Change does come slowly, but with patience it does happen.  Jacksonville has grown amazingly in these 35 years and the message went out that those tactics will no longer work.  We will do just fine without any arbitrary moral compass imposed on our city by any person or church.
God is good and teaches us great lessons along the way.  I truly love my city and am very proud of where we have come.  The future is limitless!


Adventure Landing for Family Entertainment in Jacksonville, from Jax Houses that Rock. Dec. 3.

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