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violent_crawleyJaxonpool News with Violent Crawley: Voters feel pithed.  The Gallup polling organization reported Oct. 8th that turnout in the coming midterm elections could be lower than in the past two midterm elections, based on current voter engagement:  Voter Engagement Lower Than in 2010 and 2006 Midterms.  Across both the nation and the political spectrum, voters are opting to not vote.  Having come to the realization that their ideas are no longer their own, they are deciding in large numbers that it would be better for all concerned to avoid casting a ballot.

pithing-1 copy

This reporter hit the streets Friday afternoon to interview local citizens and found that national trends are being reflected here in Jaxonpool.

Before entering Nordstrom during its grand opening in the St. Johns Town Center, Janice Stockman of Mandarin said, “All my ideas about the candidates were coming from campaign commercials on TV and the Internet.  One day it dawned on me: it’s like being in a high school biology class, except I’m the frog, and that means I’m the one being pithed!”

Next I caught up with Jacob Greeley eating at a sidewalk table outside Corner Taco at 5 Points in Riverside.  “I was going to vote, but now I’m not voting,” he affirmed resolutely between bites of what looked like a delicious Mexclectic taco.  “All I know about the election comes from TV ads, but, gosh, who’re the ones shelling out the millions to buy them?  They’re trying to fill my mind with ideas that aren’t mine.  I feel like I’m being pithed.  These ads are just lazy shorthand that give people the sense that it is acceptable to make hurried, sometimes unwarranted assumptions about character based on limited and selective information.  We’ve all learned that there are often more complex stories at work in such cases.”

After that I stopped Jim Jerkins in Brooklyn as he was about to step through the doors of Fresh Market.  Jerkins said he wasn’t going to vote because he no longer had thoughts that were his own.  “It’s the occupy movement all over again, except this time it’s the big money boys trying to occupy my understanding of things.  Every couple of years we peasants get to have a say, and that’s when they swoop in for the pith.”

rick-scott-for-florida-bannerAlmost everyone this reporter interviewed attested that, under the pretense of ‘government by the people,’ they feel pithed.  One of them cited this recent article in particular as evidence:  Secret Donors Flood Elections With Ads, and G.O.P. Benefits.  Who might these secret donors be?  One person this reporter spoke with suggested they’re the folks at the top of the food chain:  Wealth distribution in America.

Last of all, this reporter drove out to the beaches and intercepted Gabriella Popper of Jacksonville Beach as she was about to enter Trader Joe’s.  She responded to my question “Are you planning to vote” by shrugging and then out of the blue quoting a line from Shakespeare’s King Lear:  “‘As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods.'”  Puzzled, this reporter asked her to elaborate. “Billionaires,” she explained, “spend a lot of money every election trying to take over my mind.  They want to use their sociopathic, one-percent ideas to pith my brain.  So I figured there’s only one way to protect myself—by tricking them into believing I don’t have one.  It’s kinda like playing possum.  Eventually they’ll go away and leave me alone.”


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