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Doctor Who theme, from The Warp Zone. Nov. 20

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The True Horrors of a World without Blockbuster, from College Humor. Nov. 22

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Jacksonville Zoo, from All Things GoPro, Nov. 24 View

Video from The Jax Left. Nov. 24: “The Jax Left Visits the CoRK Arts District” in North Riverside (@ Rosselle & King) View

Four videos: bike camming @ the University of North Florida, from L JR / Florida Go Pro. Pub. Nov. 25: Video #1 / Video #2 / Video #3 / Video #4


Lemule Blogiver, Letter from a Reader, 27 November, 2011:

LB_red%22Dear%22In last Friday’s (Nov. 25, 2011) Times-Union Opinion page, letter-writer John Robertson (“Here we go again”) eloquently described President Obama’s failed national-level ‘European Socialistic Solutions.’

San Marco

I want to amplify his excellent critique by pointing out, quoting Robert Preston, that “Ya got trouble, my friend, right here, I say, trouble right here in River City.”


Unsuspecting Jaxonpudlians need to be informed about the planned installation of two roundabouts, or traffic circles, one at San Marco Blvd and Landon Avenue, the other at San Marco and Naldo.

Bow down to power of the state!

Nothing smacks of nefarious European Socialism more than a roundabout! I am not the only one to notice this: Are Traffic Circles Horrific or Just a Socialist Plot?

Roundabouts cause one to go around in circles: the simplemindedness they create is well documented by Will Ferrell in the movie Elf. Once you get onto a roundabout, there’s no getting off. And that’s what the socialists want—to trap you in a culture of dependency!

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Which brings me back to Robertson’s aptly titled letter, “Here we go again”—the very thought that occupies the mind of someone trapped on a roundabout. In the 1970s, Americans bravely resisted the socialistic metric system. Now, when it comes to building traffic intersections, it again is time for us to resist. So, I say, ‘Support the right angle!’ If you approach a traffic circle, don’t give in! To defend the cause of freedom, hold to a steady course as you come up to one and drive straight ahead, come what may. Step on the gas! Observe as this brave American fights socialism by confronting it head on:

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you the truth. You will be hearing a lot more from me, for there is a lot more truth to tell.

Lemule Blogiver

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August’s List, by Farinelli. Not so easy listening. Music videos published in the last two weeks. Alternative rock, Americana, cosmic, dance-pop, dream pop, electropunk, experimental, folk, indie, lo-fi, noise, post punk, nu-gaze, psyche pop, shoegaze, synthpop, trip hop, etc. Watch & listen


crip2Smart Ass Cripple, by Mike Ervin. Expressing pain through sarcasm since 2010. Voted the World’s Biggest Smart Ass by J.D. Power and Associates. Read



The Field Negro, by Wain Bennett. Sometimes candid, sometimes tongue-in-cheek discussions about race. Read


brainBrain Pickings, by Maria Popova. A library of cross-disciplinary interestingness and combinatorial creativity. Read



ClioNursing Clio: Because the Personal is Historical. An open access, peer-reviewed, collaborative blog project that ties historical scholarship to present-day issues related to gender and medicine. Read


pannedPanned Review, by Jacob Lusk. Film reviews by a Jacksonville movie-reviewing fiend and English teacher. Read


calvinsstoryCalvin’s Story, by Christy Shake. Epilepsy & beyond: a mother’s journal. A mother’s journal of the anguish, grief, joy, and triumph shared with her chronically ill son. Christy and Calvin live in Maine. Read


MaggieWorldMaggie World, by Sally Coghlan McDonald. Normalizing the abnormal. A mother sharing her experiences raising my disabled daughter and navigating, advocating and dealing with the system. [Although Maggie passed away in 2014, her mother continues to write. She lives in San Francisco.] Read


OnTheBlink On the Blink, by Emily Michael. Considering how my light is spent. Blog posts, music reviews, and published articles from a blind writer, musician, and UNF English instructor. Read



Everyday Dolce, by Jamie Cornman. Finding the dolce in everyday stories of life, love, and food. Jamie graduated from UNF and now lives in southern California. Read


Make Jax Weird_______

pic copyFiction Fix 16. A Jacksonville publication. Jayshiro Tashiro, “Birds in the City” / Cathleen Calbert, “Man Loves Woman Loves Dog” / Amando Paulger, “In the Hands of God” / Van G. Garrett, “Piss and Vinegar” / Di Jayawickrema, “Kirkenes, Norway” / Josh Lamstein, “Cooties” / Meeah Williams, “The Taste of Strawberries Today” / Glenn Erick Miller, “Essence” / Edward Hagelstein, “The Peespot Players.” Read


pic2 copyEat Poems #9. Audio chapbooks–Poets in, around, and from Jax. Virus Conversations, by Michele Leavitt. Pub: Mark Ari. Leavett’s collection Back East won the Michael Macklin First Book Prize in 2013, & her memoir excerpt “No Trespassing” won The Ohio State University’s 2010 William Allen Award for creative nonfiction. Listen



Mudlark, edited by Dr. William Slaughter. An electronic journal of poetry and poetics. Dr. Slaughter is Professor Emeritus of UNF’s English department. Read


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jaxleftThe Jaxleft Channel, from George Farrar. A progressive, public affairs channel for the people of Jacksonville, Florida. View


PF copyProgress Florida: Founded in 2008, Progress Florida is a nonprofit organization promoting progressive values through online organizing, media outreach, and networking with Florida’s leading progressive organizations. Read

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