MONDAY, 10/7/13, #299

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violent_crawleyAfter Neo-Confederates captured the U.S. capitol last week, the public immediately began noticing a curious side effect: Gadsden Flags across the nation began changing into Confederate ones.

Butterfly egg


“The flag transformation is not unlike the butterfly life cycle,” said noted entomologist Edith Marion Patch.


Edith Marion Patch

“The butterfly develops through a process called metamorphosis.  This is a Greek word that means transformation or change in shape.  There are four stages in the metamorphosis: (1) egg, (2) larva/ caterpillar, (3) pupa/chrysalis, and (4) adult/butterfly.

Gadsden Flag as of Sunday, Sept. 29th

(1) EGG: “With the egg stage,” continued Patch, “eggs are laid on plants by the adult female butterfly.  These plants will then become the food for the hatching caterpillars.  When Christopher Gadsden designed the flag named after him in 1775, the flag was only at the egg stage.”



(2) Larva/caterpillar: “The next stage is the larva.  This is also called a caterpillar.  The job of the caterpillar is to eat and eat and eat.  For the Gadsden Flag, the equivalent period of eating is fundraising from right-wing billionaires, the most famous of whom are the Koch brothers.  After the 2010 Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision, nothing limits what billionaires can give to candidates, and nothing ever has limited the sums they can donate to strange causes.  Often these causes develop slick rhetoric—usually invoking states’ rights and ‘liberty’—to trick ordinary people into voting in favor billionaires’ interests and against their own.  The liberty is just freedom for billionaires to bully the less powerful.  So the Gadsden Flag fund raises and fund raises and fund raises.  While caterpillars during this stage grow only to 100 times their initial size, the Gadsden Flag’s financial war chest far exceeds this puny rate of increase.”



(3) Pupa/chrysalis: Patch continued relating the butterfly life cycle by saying that, when the caterpillar is fully grown and stops eating, it becomes a pupa.  “The pupa of butterflies is also called a chrysalis,” she said.  “The pupa may be suspended under a branch, hidden in leaves, or buried underground. In some species, the pupal stage can be lengthy.”

Gadsden Flag as of Friday, Oct. 4th

“In the case of the Gadsden Flag,” she went on, “ever since the Supreme Court declared Obamacare constitutional in 2012, the pupa has been hanging beneath the Capitol dome, seemingly dormant.  It may have looked like nothing was going on inside, but big changes were happening beneath the surface, such as directing threats of well-funded primary challenges against moderate Republicans.”



(4) Adult/butterfly:



Gadsden, Oct. 6th

“The adult stage is what most people think of when they think of butterflies,” said Patch.  “They look very different from the larva. In fact, the adult looks radically different.”



“Caterpillars have a few tiny eyes, stubby legs, and very short antennae.”


Can’t grow

“In contrast,” continued Patch, “adults have long legs, long antennae, and compound eyes.  They can also fly by using their large and colorful wings.  The one thing they can’t do is grow. . . .”

“The caterpillar’s job was to eat.  The adult’s job is to mate and lay eggs.  Some species of adult butterflies get energy by feeding on nectar from flowers.  In the case of the Gadsden Flag, it feeds on the nectar of billionaires.”


Can’t travel far.

“Flying comes in handy,” said Patch.  “The adult female can easily fly from place to place to find the right plant for its eggs.  But they can’t fly very far.”


Can’t fly far

“In the case of the Gadsden Flag, the Neo-Confederate members of the party of Abraham Lincoln are looking to do what has been impossible for them to do until now: fly from state to state across the entire nation.  Instead of just eleven states, they want all fifty to secede, from each other,” said Patch.  “Each state pretty much would be on its own.  This attempt would be the most spectacular evolution ever witnessed.  But most Tea Partiers don’t believe in evolution.”

“However, the Neo-Confederates of Lincoln’s party HAVE done something the old Confederacy never was able to do—take over the government in Washington, D.C.”

Patch went on to note that the caterpillar’s adult forms can take on exotic coloration, as these two examples of fully grown Gadsden Flags illustrate:


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