TUESDAY, 8/13/13

Jaxonpool _______

LB_red%22Dear%22Emigrate to the Clear Channel colony: Yesterday on First Coast Connect, Melissa Ross’s radio call-in program, Bill Brinton of Scenic Jaxonpool argued against a bill being pushed through the Jaxonpool City Council.  (Jaxonpool councilman Richard Clark filing bill that reopens decades-old billboard fight)

Richard Clark says his bill is intended to help rid the city of billboard blight.  He doesn’t mention that the bill was written almost verbatim by Clear Channel Communications, but he doesn’t need to.  Any bill written by Clear Channel is going to keep billboards in the city for a very long time.

imagesBrinton spoke against Clear Channel as though it were something sinister.  I take issue with this nasty insinuation.  Clear Channel is a venerable corporation.  It is owned by Bain Capital, and Bain is so respectable as a Wall Street venture capital firm that it ran one of its founders as a presidential candidate in the 2012.  If that’s not a sign of honorability, I don’t know what is.

All this talk of billboards being blight is hogwash.  They are not blight, but bouquets on the landscape.  Moreover, these billboards will serve a useful purpose, especially the electronic ones.  Do you remember when Newt Gingrich spoke of a moon colony populated by 13,000 Americans?

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No doubt Clear Channel will be the colony’s corporate sponsor.  After Civil War Terminus, which will reverse the first Civil War’s outcome, its billboards, especially the electronic ones, will be needed to encourage people to emigrate to the Clear Channel colony:

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Without this signage, how are we to know about the opportunities available to us?  How am I going to know that the off-world colony is ready to receive me?  And how am I going to know about my free android?  So let me reaffirm my support for councilman Clark’s bill.  Taking down the billboards will not contribute one iota to an educated citizenry.

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