WEDNESDAY, 6/19/13

Jaxonpool _______

violent_crawleyThe Jaxonpool News with Violent Crawley:  The yodeling country singer Slim Whitman died of heart failure last night at Orange Park Medical Center. Born in Tampa, he lived most of his life in Middleburg. Whitman was more renowned in Britain and Europe than in the United States. This story appears the Deleónsylvania Times-Union:


On May 31st, 2013, Jaxonpool’s own Witipedist uploaded the following entry for Slim Whitman:


The Witipedist: Back in 1996, Jaxonpool resident Slim Whitman saved the human race. Recently when asked about it, he said he’d do it again. Video of Whitman with Andy Kaufman appears below Witipedia entry. (31 May, 2013)

Click on to expand:



Andy Kaufman introduces Slim Whitman and watches dumbfoundedly while the latter performs “I Remember You” on The Midnight Special.



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