SATURDAY, 6/8/13, Issue 113

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The Witipedist: GAAM—Games Art and Music is a local collective. Its primary purpose is video-game revival. It aims to refamiliarize local young people with video-game playing and improve the local game-production industry’s image.

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For more information about The Legend of GAAM Show Saturday, July 13th, go to The Legend of GAAM – Jacksonville, FL


pic7 copyAugust’s List: Recently published music videos, edited by Farinelli. Watch & listen




crip2Smart Ass Cripple: Expressing pain through sarcasm since 2010, by Mike Ervin. Read

pannedPanned Review: Film reviews by Jacob Lusk. Read

calvinsstoryCalvin’s Story: Epilepsy & beyond: a mother’s journal, by Christy Shake. Read

MaggieWorldMaggie World, Normalizing the abnormal, by Sally Coghlan McDonald. Read


OnTheBlink On the Blink: Considering how my light is spent, by Emily Michael. Read





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