TUESDAY, 5/21/13

Jaxonpool _______

Dear_TristanI am writing to apprise you how distraught I am that we have metamorphosed into a discombobulated populace. Few endeavor to replenish the common good. Increasingly, each of us is relinquishing our place in the public sphere, exfiltrating ourselves into the sequestration of our devices, enclaves, gated neighborhoods, cable news and talk radio.

More and more, Jaxonpool is becoming Balkanized: Springfield, Mandarin, Avondale, Riverside, San Marco, St. Nicholas, Downtown, the Beaches, Murray Hill. There is the Northside, the Southside, the Westside … do we even have an Eastside anymore? What happened? Did it depart? In any case, in the current epoch we only converse with likeminded individuals. Should we settle for parlaying only with simulacra? Are we not befuddling ourselves? Have we not bereft ourselves of a communal discourse?

Jaxonpudlians no longer interface with one another across the partitions of race and sexual orientation. People apprehend alterity. Great trepidation attends the transgressing of boundaries when boundaries must be transgressed. Anxiety accompanies the act of penetrating liminal spaces in order to conceive what it must be like to be the Other.

Still, because Jaxonpudlians more and more align themselves along the vectors of assorted binaries, we must assay. So, grant us pause as we utilize our imaginations to penetrate the minds of the city’s denizens, to dwell momentarily within them, and, from this intellectual labor, attempt to conceive the multitudinous perspectives from which prosaic citizens behold quotidian phenomena.

A slide show with commentary will be the best way to explore the topic:


In the minds of the city’s white residents, this is how they imagine what Jaxonpool would look like if African Americans were to run it.


In the minds of the city’s African American residents, this is how they imagine what the city looks like when white people run it.

American pics


In the minds of the city’s LGBT residents, this is how they imagine what the city looks when white and black people run it..

*4 Sodom: Lot and His Daughters, Lucas van Leyden

And in the mind’s of the city’s straight residents, this is how they imagine what the city would look like if LGBT people were to run it.

About one another we harbor many insidious erroneous misconceptions. We must stop misapprehending one another! WE MUST NEVER ABIDE PERSEVERATING! We must abstain from mindlessly embracing socially constructed and reified stereotypes. We must persevere in attempting to perceive one another as we really are. More dialogue must transpire so we surmount these foolhardy, inaccurate, and injurious assumptions. Mendacity must be eschewed! If we persist in maintaining the current course, in the end we will discover—to our GREAT chagrin—that we have beshat ourselves. Metaphorically speaking, of course. And then, in what state shall we be?

I hope I have made myself clear.

Dr. Tristan Voltaire, Ph.D.

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