WEDNESDAY, 5/15/13, Issue 89

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DearT-U(2)Many of your readers complain about President Obama. In order to better the chances of you choosing my letter to print, I write about him with vitriol. What do I do to churn up my venom? Just what your other correspondents do: listen to cable and radio commentators night and day. Then I just repeat what I’ve heard. The formula’s easy. I keep my information diet so simple I couldn’t possibly confuse myself.

Times-Union opinion page

Times-Union opinion page

However, sometimes I stray from this plan by writing a letter calculated to be even crazier and more misinformed than the last one you chose. The goofiest, most strident ones usually come from people living in Maccclennny. Following their lead, I sometimes call for mass murder, usually in the name of defending American interests. This strategy actually proves remarkably successful, at least as far as placing a letter on the T-U editorial page.

In fact, sometimes to help me amp up the wattage, I call upon a friend of mine out in Maccclennny to ghost write my letter to you. Her name is Roxana. You can read more about her here: Roxana

Roxana sometimes ghost writes these letters to you, but not this one I currently am writing

Whatever the hot-button issue, I can count on Roxana to compose a letter in which she jumps into the controversy with both barrels blazing. This is especially true if she’s read next to nothing about the issue. She has an information diet even more meager than mine. She’s like a pit bull—ignorant as all get out and ornery as hell! You can’t find a better writer of letters to the T-U! Roxana’s narrow-minded and unremitting hatred of the president is such that she’d never be able to say anything even remotely fair about him.

But then, neither can almost all of the people who write to you. That’s why she’s perfect. For the T-U.

Lemule Blogiver

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