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DearT-U(2)The Vince Foster Society has come to the painful conclusion that Gov. Goldfinger has drifted too far to the left.  He’s become an echo of the liberal establishment.  Everybody knows he’s now a socialist.  We can’t ride that horse anymore.  So there’ll be a primary challenge.



We have no alternative but to turn to the next best person to run the state.  And so, now, in this very letter, and without further ado, and to great fanfare (please pause for drum roll), . . . we officially announce the formation of a campaign committee.  It will encourage Jennifer Carroll to run for governor.  She’s our choice. 2014 is just around the corner.  Now, THERE’S a horse to ride!  Our campaign slogan?  A choice, not an echo.

The Vince Foster Society is a patriotic 501(c)(4) tax exempt advocacy group promoting the social welfare by reminding people that Vince Foster was killed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Read more about it here:  History, as seen by the Vince Foster Society

Carroll: do you feel the love?


Jennifer Carroll for Governor

As the former lieutenant governor of Deleónsylvania, Carroll already has experience in a top statewide office.  Her stepping down from that post was entirely due to a misunderstanding.  It was widely misunderstood that she had committed a crime.  However, so far she has not been indicted.  With Goldfinger, the personal indictment never did come.  In political life, not being indicted means hope springs eternal.  And sometimes in Deleónsylvania, hope springs eternal even after being indicted.  Read about her political near-death experience here:  I’m shocked! Shocked!

However, in order for her campaign to be viable, the Vince Foster Society first will have to vigorously refute the accusations raised last month by your columnist, Mark Woods, who alleges she is a liar.  Woods claims that, while serving as lieutenant governor, she illegally failed to disclose the $72,000 she was receiving annually from the Allied Veterans of the World.

Allied Veterans of the World storefront

Allied Veterans of the World storefront

Woods doesn’t feel the love.  And if he doesn’t feel it, he’s obviously not going to consider her a horse to ride.  On April 6th, Woods leveled the following scurrilous charges:

“When I read an Associated Press story about an interview with Jennifer Carroll last week, one detail jumped out.

Mark Woods

Mark Woods

“It was in the fifth paragraph, after she described resigning as lieutenant governor as the Allied Veterans of the World scandal began to unfold. Carroll wanted to make clear she did nothing wrong.

“She said she was paid $6,000 a month to do public relations work for Allied Veterans and had nothing to do with the alleged gambling.  Here’s why that jumped out:  She did something she didn’t do in the past.  She said how much she was paid by Allied Veterans.

Mark Woods' scurrilous accusations published in a April 6th 2013 Times-Union article.

Mark Woods’ scurrilous accusations published in his April 6th, 2013, Times-Union column.

“And that detail — $6,000 a month plus expenses for one year — raised a $72,000 question:  Why wasn’t this in the ‘full and public disclosure of financial interests’ forms she filed while in the Florida House and running for lieutenant governor?  And how does she explain what was in those forms?  When she was ran for lieutenant governor in 2010, she did amend her 2009 filing to include information about Allied Veterans.  Sort of. In a section titled, ‘Secondary Sources of Income’ she listed her business, 3 N. & J.C. Corp., and said its ‘major source of income’ was Allied Veterans.  But while 22 other lines detailing income, assets and liabilities ended with exact dollar amounts, the lines next to Allied Veterans were blank.  By state law, the details aren’t a requirement if the net income of a source is below $1,000.  And the filing said that was the case for her business in 2009 and in 2010 — the same period when Allied paid the $72,000 plus expenses. . . .”

Woods is definitely not feelin’ the love.  How could he make such an outrageous assertion about a patriotic Navy veteran?  This is not the first time I personally have had to fight off shocking allegations associated with Ms. Carroll.  You can read my earlier defense of her here: Dolls Who Look Like Me

It is the position of the Vince Foster Society that Carroll is neither a lesbian nor a liar, but a horse to ride.  That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.  Because we feel the love.

By the way, this is not the last you will hear from the Society on this subject.  Gov. Goldfinger has become an echo.  Jennifer Carroll has become our choice.  Carroll for Governor:  A choice, not an echo.

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