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LB_red%22Dear%22Roundabouts smack of socialism:  In today’s Times-Union, on the “Letters from readers” page, Pat Noll of Middleburg observes that “Socialism is the goal” of President Obama’s health care initiative. Thank you, Pat, for reminding us (once again) that the wolves of socialism are howling at America’s door.

This letter reminds me of another (actually, it reminds me of just about all of the letters the T-U prints) that appeared last Nov. 25th by John Robertson (“Here we go again”). He too eloquently criticized President Obama’s failed national-level “European Socialistic Solutions.” Noll and Robertson are individuals with remarkably varied information diets. 

I want to extend and amplify these thoughtful and original critiques by pointing out that we have trouble right here in Rio on the River.

Unsuspecting Jaxonpudlians need to be informed about the planned installation of two roundabouts, or traffic circles, one at San Marco Blvd and Landon Avenue, the other at San Marco and Naldo. Back in November 2011, before construction started, I brought to light what was about to happen. You can read my impassioned letter to you dated November 27th, 2011: Socialist roundabouts

And right now they are going in! That makes me a prophet. Maybe next time you’ll listen to me!

Area view of San Marco in Jaxonpool


Close up of San Marco where two roundabouts are being installed.

As with ‘Obamacare,’ a little bit was not enough for them: they are going for two!


Nothing smacks of nefarious European Socialism more than a roundabout!

Place Charles de Gaulle, historically known as the Place de l’Étoile

Socialism at its worst!

Ahhh! Here’s the PROOF! Listen to this EuroTrash band sing in praise of the roundabout. It’s part of the plot to con us into surrendering our freedom.

Alternative link

So, thank you, Pat Noll, for reminding us (once again) that socialism is taking over. And thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you the truth. You will be hearing a lot more from me, for there is a lot more truth to tell..

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